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    Lakdiva Foods offers an excellent  Entrées Menu  and a selection of Hors D'oeuvres.    Celebrate
    the Holidays with Lakdiva Foods and your home cooked favourites... Choose from our Holiday
    Menu.  Please check our service page for delivery charges and order minimums.
    From the East Bay Wine Country Lakdiva Foods offers you a sensational array of exquisit home
    cooked foods to satiate all your cravings.  Whether you are in the mood for those succulent
    favorites just as you remember or simply  an appetite quencher Lakdiva Foods is  a phone call
    away.  All our culinary delicacies are primed with aromatic fresh roasted spices and herbs unique
    to Sri Lankas renown heritage. Currently we service the grater San Francisco Bay Area.  
    We take great pride in preparing Sri Lankan food, which makes each dish a master
    piece of our  creations....We take this opportunity to thank those of you who tried
    our service.  

    Good food is found in abundance in Sri Lanka, with a wide choice of cuisine
    to choose from. The Portuguese, Dutch and British invaders as well as the
    Indian, Arab, Malay and Moor traders have all contributed to the variety of
    Sri Lankan cuisine. Sri Lankan cuisine ranges from mild and subtly flavoured
    dishes to hot and spicy ones. The food is flavoured with a variety of herbs
    and spices, garlic, ginger, lemon grass etc.. and curry powder which is
    prepared by blending atleast 5 different ingredients.

Livermore, California     Phone:  (925) 556-3170     e-mail:  kadupul@lakdivafoods.com